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Project Kaiser SaaS
Online Project Management & Issue Tracking

Work with Project Kaiser without downloading software and installation. On this server you can create projects, add team members and use other software features. Add up to 5 team members for free
More about Project Kaiser SaaS
  • Web-based: full functionality from your internet-browser;
  • Issue Tracking with Assignee and Responsible (read more);
  • Unlimited projects and issues hierarchy;
  • Documentation management: Embedded hierarchical wiki;
  • Requirement and milestones management;
  • Collaboration tools: embedded forums and chats;
  • You can add up to 5 team members for free to your projects;
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How To Start

Register and you will be able to:
  • Create your projects. The number of project you can create is unlimited
  • Invite team members to your projects. You can invite up to 5 users to your projects for free.
  • Be invited into projects made by other users
  • Participate in support forum
  • Receive news and announcements

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