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SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model - is when developer provides online access to a software which is already installed and configured on his server. This allows customer to avoid downloading and installing software and quickly start using the program.

Advantages SaaS

Shortcomings SaaS

Project Kaiser SaaS

Project Kaiser SaaS - is a server with Project Kaiser software installed and configured. You can create and work with your projects, iinvite any users as a team members.
Once registered you will be able to work with Project Kaiser SaaS for free. The limitations are:

Working with Project Kaiser SaaS is secured by HTTPS protocol: all data transferred between server and internet browsers are encoded.

Project Kaiser Standalone vs SaaS

Project Kaiser is available as standalone or SaaS service. Standalone is when you download software and install on your server. Users can work with app via internet or intranet by opening server in their internet-browsers.

Project Kaiser SaaS - is a regular Project Kaiser but already installed and specially configured on our own server. It has some functionality (generally administration) disabled, and your workgroups limited by 5 users. SaaS is also useful when you want to get first impression about software. The following table compares standalone and SaaS versions:

Software needs to be installed on your server+-
Possibility to access Database on a file-system level+-
"Administration" section+-
Public sectionfull accessview only
Personal section++
"Projects" section+-
Adding team membersby choosing from the list of all users
or by e-mail
by e-mail only
Users number limitation5 users for free
can be extended by purchasing license
up to 5 team members in all your projects
Maximum attachments sizeConfigurable in settings1 Mb
Projects numbernot limitednot limited
Tasks numbernot limitednot limited

Project Kaiser SaaS: Getting Started
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