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How To Start

Register to make your personal account and begin working. Enter your login, e-mail and password:


After registration you comes to your Personal Section SaaS Project Kaiser.

Project Kaiser creates a separate folder for your projects in "My Projects":

Inside this folder you can create unlimited number of projects and invite up to 4 users.

Team Members Invitation

Team members are invited by e-mail. You can add either registered users or new users. To add a new team member, right click on the project, choose "Team Members/ Add...":


Specify e-mail of the user you want to add, his role and access level:


User will receive invitation by e-mail. After he confirms the invitation, user will be included into the project as a team member. If user is not yet registered in Project Kaiser SaaS, new account will be automatically created.

You can add a member not any particular subproject. To do this, select the "Team Members/ Add..." from its pop-up menu.

Creating New Project

To create new project select "New/ More/ Project" from the folder pop-up menu:


After created you can split the project into stages (Milestone), add necessary elements - requirements, modules, issues, documents, forums, etc. The hierarchy has no limitations.


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